1. First-Year Teaching Tips

    Congratulations! You're a first-year teacher, but you need to know how to prepare to make the most of your initial school year. Teaching is one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs you can have. You will influence the lives of your students for years. Here are some great ways to help you survive your first year in teaching. The Importance...
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  2. Summer for Teachers — How to Get the Most out of Your Break

    The long summer break gives you weeks to do what you want, but as a teacher, summer vacation does not always mean just lying on the beach or watching hours of TV. You can get more out of your summer to improve yourself and relax your mind so you're ready for the new school year in the fall. Don't let...
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  3. How to Write a Lesson Plan

    How to Write a Lesson Plan

    There's no way around it — if you're standing up in front of a classroom each day, you'll need to create a lesson plan to follow as you work. Even if you spent a lot of time in school practicing planning what you'll say and do in your classroom, the daily reality of lesson planning can hit new teachers hard...
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  4. School Spirit Week Ideas

      There's nothing quite like a school spirit day to boost excitement and encourage unity among students. It originated as a homecoming tradition for high schools, but school spirit days have become staple fare for elementary and middle schools as well. Why? Because they're fun! Giving students the chance to dress up and break from the usual routine can keep...
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  5. An Elementary School Teachers' Guide to Building Student Confidence

    An Elementary School Teachers' Guide to Building Student Confidence

    Being an elementary school student can be incredibly difficult — which is why developing a strong sense of self-confidence in elementary students has become a key goal for educators. Positive self-esteem is important to a student’s development as a person, and a fundamental way to improve academic success. Teachers know the importance of self-confidence in a student’s life. It’s a...
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  6. School Christmas Party Ideas

    School Christmas Party Ideas

    Whether you're an eager room parent or a reluctant last-minute volunteer, planning your child's school Christmas party should be about one thing — helping your child and their classmates celebrate the season together. Most parents start out with this intention, but can quickly become overwhelmed by all of the details involved. Don't worry! Party planning doesn't have to be stressful. In...
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  7. What Do You Learn in Fifth Grade?

    What Do You Learn in Fifth Grade?

    Fifth grade is important. Depending on how your school district divides up the elementary and middle schools, this may be your child’s last year in elementary school. This often makes fifth-graders the oldest and most experienced kids at their school and puts them in a position to be leaders and good examples for the younger children around them. It may...
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  8. What Do You Learn in Fourth Grade?

    What Do You Learn in Fourth Grade?

    Fourth grade is a big year for your young student. They’re over halfway through elementary school, officially making them the big kids on the block. Concepts begin to get trickier as they tackle long division, multiplication tables and more complicated works of middle-grade fiction. There’s no need to worry, though. Your child is probably 9 or 10 years old now...
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  9. Tips for Starting School: What Do You Learn in Third Grade

    Tips for Starting School: What Do You Learn in Third Grade

    First grade is exciting. Your child is just starting out and is swept up in the excitement of learning to read, write and perform basic math. Second grade is exciting as well, as your student is building on this foundation and reaching the point where things like reading and writing are slowly becoming second nature. So what about third grade...
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  10. Tips for Starting School: What Do You Learn in Second Grade?

    Tips for Starting School: What Do You Learn in Second Grade?

    By second grade, your child will probably be around seven or eight years old. Every child is unique, so their reactions to school at this age will be very different. Maybe they’re still enamored with the idea of school and are excited to get on the bus every day. It’s also possible that some of the shine of first grade...
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