Quick Tips for Using Your Planners #3: Start with the Important Stuff

Don't make the mistake of giving your students a planner and expecting them to use it! A planner might be a foreign tool to them. They may never use it unless you familiarize them with it and show them how they can personally benefit from it.

So how do you get your students past this barrier? At the beginning of the year, require them to record all the important school dates and events in their new planners. Think of things that students are interested in - holiday breaks, school dances, performances, and games - these are the events they want to know.

After they finish, pass out a short quiz on the dates but all allow them to use their planners to look up the answers.

This simple activity will familiarize them with their planners and establish added value in having all the important events at their fingertips.


School year already in full swing? No problem! You can do this any time of the year. It's never too late to familiarize them with their planners.