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School Hall Pass

Add these cardstock Hall Pass pages to your planners to easily track student movements during the day, making your students more accountable.

Includes 4 pages per planner, bound in the back of the planner.

Price: $.15 per planner

* Not available for orders of less than 100 planners.

Standardized Hall Passes for Instructional Success

In most schools, every student leaving a classroom needs a hall pass. Some schools have their own standardized student hall passes, but any teacher will attest those passes often disappear after the first six weeks. Other teachers spend precious amounts of class time writing passes for the bathroom, nurse, counselor and other destinations. This cuts into instructional time and fails to place any responsibility on the students.

Success by Design’s cardstock student hall passes for planners addresses these issues. Add these hall passes to your elementary, middle or high school planners for a small additional cost. Doing so helps to encourage a consistent school-wide policy, while also holding students more accountable.

Cardstock Student Hall Passes for Planners

With Success by Design’s cardstock student hall passes for elementary, middle and high school planners, schools have a standardized system for enforcing hallway policies. It also benefits your campus by:

  • Ensuring School Safety: Student hall passes are used to identify students who are outside of class with permission. They also help the administration quickly assess if a person belongs on their campus or not. Our cardstock hall passes are bound in the back of the school planner, which helps teachers and administrators maintain student safety and campus security. By ordering Success by Design’s hall passes, you’ll keep your school safe without having to resort to methods that single students out.

  • Minimizing Disruptions During Instructional Time: Schools and teachers make every effort to maximize instructional time. This often means bell-to-bell instruction with no hall passes given out during the first or last 10 minutes of class. This is an effective teaching strategy and school policy, but emergencies happen. Instead of cutting into the teacher’s instructional time to write out a pass, the student can now just fill out the information in their back of their planner — all they’ll need is a signature. With this effective hall pass system, classroom disruptions decrease, giving teachers more time to spend on instruction.
  • Holding Students Accountable: These cardstock student hall passes are especially useful additions to middle and high school planners. At this cognitive stage, students are starting to develop a sense of personal responsibility. When teachers and administrators manage hall passes, it takes the accountability away from students. Success by Design’s student planner hall pass system places the responsibility for leaving the classroom in the student’s hands. Not only does this system require the student to bring their planner to every class every day, it requires them to document their own comings and goings.

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Contact Success by Design to learn more about our cardstock student hall passes for elementary, middle and high school planners. All our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee — if you aren’t satisfied, we’ll either replace or refund your purchase. All you have to do is pick up the phone and contact our helpful customer service staff at (844) 263-0872

Hall Pass pages for your planners.

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